National Assembly of the United Commonwealths
United Commonwealths of America
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Prime Minister
Majority Leader
Philip Schofield, Peace Party
Minority Leader
Dave Gibbons, Social Democratic Party
Political groups
     Peace Party
     Social Democratic Party
     Conservative Party
     Labour Party
The National Assembly of the United Commonwealths of America is the unicameral parliament of the United Commonwealths of America. The Assembly meet in the Parliament Building in Olympia, Washington Commonwealth. Each commonwealth is required to have 5 members of parliament present at the Assembly. The Assembly has 125 seats. The National Assembly is headed by the Prime Minister of the United Commonwealths, who acts as the head and speaker.


According to the United Commonwealths Constitution, the assembly may undertake; Legislature

  • Review and Approval of Agreements and Treaties
  • Review and Approval of state plan and budget
  • Oversight of the work of the executive
  • Discussion of the President's statement and the government program
  • Amendments to the Constitution
  • Approval of declarations of war and emergency



Prime Minister

The Prime Minister resides over the assembly and is nominated by the President, along with the Deputy Prime Minister. The Prime Minister's role is to keep peace and order in meetings, take part in discussion, and convey information to the President. In case of vacancy in the President's office, the Prime Minister serves as acting president until the presidential elections are held (Which must be within 60 days).