National Bank of Lecrotia
Banca Nazionale di Lecrozia
Bank Nazzjonali ta' Lekrozja
Lekrôtzjali Natzjonáli Bank
National Bank of Lecrotia Logo National Bank of Lecrotia
Logo Headquarters
Headquarters Castelmagno
Established October 24, 1794
President Gianmaria Verzi
Central bank of Republic of Lecrotia
Currency Lecrotian Florin
ISO 4217 Code LEF
Reserves Lƒ142.857.000.000 (As of July 2012)
Base borrowing rate 2.75%

The National Bank of Lecrotia (Italian: Banca Nazionale di Lecrozia, BNL; Lecrotian: Lekrôtzjali Natzjonáli Bank, LNB) is the central bank of the Republic of Lecrotia. It was estabilished in 1794, at Castelmagno.


NBL's main goal is to keep the national economics and the currency stable. One important goal is also to enhance the protection of the Florin from possible makers of fake Florins.

Banking Ministry

The Banking Ministry is composed of

  1. Minister of Finance (which is also the governor of the bank)
  2. Two Vice-Ministers (Vice-Minister of Finance and Vice-Minister of Internal Affairs)
  3. Five Local Ministers (one per district)

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