The National Council (Esperanto: Nacia Konsilantaro) is one of the two houses in the bicameral National Assemby of Bijan. It is frequently referred to as The Council (La Konsilantaro). The other house is the Chamber of Deputies.

The composition and functions of the Council are established in Chapter 6, Part 4 of the Constitution of Bijan. The major power of the Council is to evaluate and revise legislation approved by the Chamber of Deputies. The Council may not initiate legislation; that power is solely reserved for the Chamber of Deputies, but bills must be passed by both Chambers and approved by the President before becoming law.

The Council is not directly elected like its counterpart the Chamber of Deputies. Its 40 members are chosen by various methods. Its members, called Councilors (Konsilantoj), serve four-year terms, though the President has the power to dissolve the Council and call early elections.

The Chairperson of the National Council, who presides over the Council, is elected by his or her fellow Councilors. The National Council meets at Victory Palace in Hadar's River Quarter.

Membership, qualifications and selection

Comparison to the Chamber of Deputies

Salary and benefits





Legislative functions

Last formation results and current party standings

List of Councils

Formation Began Convened Prorogued Ended Duration Chairperson
1st Apr 1949 26 Apr 1949 26 Apr 1949 06 Feb 1953 10 Mar 1953 1,414 days   Norvo Desi (BNP)
2nd Feb 1953 10 Mar 1953 17 Mar 1953   Norvo Desi (BNP)