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The National Expressway System of the East Asian Federation (commonly known as the Expressways or NEX) is a network of limited-access expressways forming a critical part of the the transport network of the East Asian Federation.

The Expressway System was first proposed in 1990, to better integrate the Federation, separated primarily by the Korea Straits. The current plan was approved by the Federation Board in 2001, and parts of National Expressway 1 were designated in 2005. The National Expressway System as it currently exists is mainly made of existing highways, some of which will be upgraded and standardized for improved traffic flow. New connections, such as the Yalu River Crossing and Japan-Korea Undersea Tunnel have been built to connect existing pieces, but the system was largely in place in the 1990s, and is simply being redesignated for ease of use.

The designated National Expressway network allows for a road connection between Warumizu, Karafuto and Beijing, Beijing, across four of the five East Asian regions. Additional expressways are in place on Okinawa and Taiwan, but are not connected to the network at-large. All expressways are tolled, to pay the costs of operating and construction new highways.


The primary National Expressway System consists of highways in China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, and Taiwan.

Number Major Cities Served
NEX-1 (AH1) Beijing - Sinuiju - Seogyeong - Seoul - Busan - Fukuoka - Osaka - Tokyo
NEX-2 Tokyo - Sendai - Morioka - Aomori - Sapporo
NEX-3 (AH6) Khasan - Hamhung - Ganseong - Busan
NEX-4 Sapporo - Toyohara - Warumizu
NEX-5 Keelung - Taipei - Taichung - Tainan - Kaohsiung

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