National Front for Freedom
Founded November 5, 1854 (1854-11-05)
Youth wing National Youth of Freedom
Membership 200,234,345
Ideology Socialism
Social liberalism
Authoritarian socialism
Official colors      Crimson
Central National Committee
93 / 100
Central National Delegation
367 / 400

The National Front for Freedom is the dominating party of the single-party state of the United Socialist Commonwealth. Its official ideology is a broad sense of socialism. Among the ranks of the party are several different factions, the National Liberty Caucus which advocates for libertarian socialism, the Democratic Socialist Coalition which advocates for social liberalism and the removal of the states enforced state-atheism policy. The largest and most powerful political unit is the National Committee for Socialism- which advocates for authoritarian polices and central planning.

Within the workings of the party is a highly developed regional system in which each chapter of the party is represented equally and come together to discuss policy and appointments. The party leadership is known as the Secretary of the United Socialist Commonwealth, both a government and party position. The Secretary is considered the most powerful position within the state; yet is not seen as the face of the Commonwealth; designated relationship building and public relations to the Prime Minister. The current Secretary of the National Front for Freedom and the United Commonwealth is Ulysses Breckenridge, the youngest appointed Secretary in the nations history.