National Ground Forces of Wessex
Wessen Army
Founded 1806
Country Wessexflag Wessex
Type Ground Forces
Role Defence
Humanitarian Aid and Relief
Size 10,500
Motto 'Protect and Defend'
Colors Red, White and Yellow
Andrew Carstan
Ceremonial chief Dafid Aetheld
Red Hand of Pacifism

The National Ground Forces of Wessex, also known as the Wessen Army, is the main branch of the Self Defence Forces of Wessex. Approximately 10,500 men and women serve in the army, and it is organised into four geographic orgnanised brigades. The Ground Forces carry out non-violent aid and relief work alongside their job protecting Wessex from foreign invasion. They may not be posted abroad apart from relief work, as they are a Self Defence Force, and due to Wessex's pacifist policies. 

Roles of the Force

  • To defend the Wessen state against invasion or aggression. 
  • To participate in Non-Violent Peacekeeping and humanitarian Relief Work around the world. 
  • To carry out other duties which may be assigned to them from time to time. For example, assistance on the occasion of natural disasters, assistance in connection with the maintenance of essential services, etc.


Ground Vehicles

Vehicle Origin   Type   In service  
Challenger 2  United Kingdom Battle Tank 54
CVR Scimitar United Kingdom Infantry Fighting Vehicle 34
Land Rover Wolf United Kingdom Transport, Ambulances 100+
Land Rover Defender United Kingdom Transport, Ambulances 100+
Mitsibushu Pajero 4x4 Japan Transport 4
Iveco Astra 8x8  United Kingdom Troop Transport 12
Leyland DROPS  United Kingdom Troop Transport/Generic Transport 21
MAN Support Truck United Kingdom/Germany Troop Transport 5


Aircraft Origin   Type   In service  
Westland Lynx Wessex  Multi-Purpose 65
Westland Seaking Wessex Multi-Purpose 15


The Royal Ground Forces has a total manpower force of 10,500 as of 2013.


1st Brigade 

  • 1st Infantry Battalion 
  • 1st Artillery Regiment
  • Communications and Information Services Company
  • 1st Engineer Corp 
  • 1st Supply and Transport Group
  • 1st Ordanance Group

2nd Brigade

  • 2nd Infantry Battalion 
  • Mercian Artillery Regiment
  • Mercian Cavalry Regiment
  • Communications and Information Services Company
  • 2nd Engineer Corp 
  • 2nd Supply and Transport Group
  • 2nd Ordanance Group

3rd Brigade

  • 3rd Infantry Battalion
  • 3rd Artillery Regiment
  • 3rd Cavalry Regiment
  • Communications and Information Services Company
  • 3rd Engineer Corp 
  • 3rd Supply and Transport Group
  • 3rd Ordanance Group

4th Brigade

  • 4th Infantry Battalion 
  • 4th Artillery Regiment
  • 4th Cavalry Regiment
  • Communications and Information Services Company
  • 4th Engineer Corp 
  • 4th Supply and Transport Group
  • 4th Ordanance Group

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