National Guard of Indiana
The Indiana National Guard
Indiana National Guard flag
Flag of the Indiana National Guard
Founded October 9th, 2012
Service branches Indiana National Air Force, Indiana National Defense Force, Indiana National Naval Force
Headquarters Defense Plaza, Indianapolis
Commander-in-Chiefess Cynthiana Knope
Secretary of War Augustus Bonjour
Chief of Staff Carl Barn
Military age 18 - 55
Available for
military service
49,207,328, age 18 - 55 (2011)
Fit for
military service
49,688,421, age 18 - 55 (2011)
Reaching military
age annually
3,545,533 (2011)
Active personnel 323,000 INDF
122,000 INNF
20,000 INAF
Reserve personnel 555,000 INDF
100,000 INNF
72,000 INAF
Budget $
Percent of GDP 10%
Foreign suppliers Flag of the United States United States
Annual imports Firearms, ammunition, missiles, vehicles, planes and ships

The Indiana National Guard is the primary defense force for the Commonwealth of Indiana. It composes of the Indiana National Naval Force, the Indiana National Defence Force and the Indiana National Air Guard. Created formally in October of 2012 it was the constructed to power Indiana's secret war against its neighbooring states, it now serves as Indiana's military branch against forgien and domestic threats.