The National Helvetian Broadcasting Corporation or known as NHBC is a commerical broadcasting company inside the New Helvetia Confederation. It controls many radio and television contracts, and is heavily associated with the Helvetian Standard.


  • April 5th, 2014 
Los Angeles, Los Angeles Socialist Protectorate 
Helvetian General William Clarke deployed 240 F-4 Phantom II's into Southern California in a firebombing campaign, know as "Operation: Coastal Heat". Pilots were directed to attack the heart of the communist occupied city, in which most of the known privileged Soviet collaborators live. Taken on a annual occasion to demonstrate Helvetia's authority and dominance on the West Coast, Communist leaders from Los Angeles have already lead to talks of finally destroying the 'northern menace'. President Delacourt, whom ordered the attack, has responded that attacks will also begin to strike the outer rings of the city as well if Los Angeles does not agree to sign the Orange Peace Accord.
  • April 6th, 2014
New Berne, Helvetia 
The Helvetian Confederate Reserve has released a statement on the issue of six nations defaulting on loan repayment requirements for a second year in a row. Director Alexander Oswald, released a statement noting that the nations have a 24 hour period before a mandatory Reserve clause kicks in which would give the Helvetian Assembly the ability to enact a gunboat tactic against the nations, which would allow President Delacourt to deploy the Helvetian Guard into foreign territories. The League of Nations has already warned Oswald, that if such actions do occur the League will seek to establish sanctions against the Confederation.
  • April 20th, 2014
New Berne, Helvetia
While trying to extend the Confederate Reserve clause, the Helvetian Assembly has begun voting today on HA-B24, which would declare that the states defaulting on the loans must be punished in a manner which would benefit the treasury of the Confederate Reserve, nearly six nations could face Helvetian punishment.