United Socialist Pact

The United Socialist Pact is an alliance between most of the world's nations that promotes communism and socialism globally. The USP is under the direct influence of the USSR, and members of the USP are considered puppet states of the Soviet Union by non-USP nations. The Pact makes up most of the world's nations, and is the largest international government organization on Earth. Soviet was destroyed after Gorbachev, launched glasnost and perestroika in 1991, but KGB agent still there, and do a sabotage in Russia goverment, and rebuilt a new Soviet, and they conquested Washington.

Federation of Democratic Nations

The Federation of Democratic Nations is the general counter part of the United Socialist Pact, though the Federation is much smaller than the Pact. The FDN was formed by surviving United Nations members who remained unaffected by rhe fighting of World War III, primarily in Africa and Oceania. While the FDN and the USP are not at war with each other, the two regard each other coldly on most occasions. After USA fall down into Soviet's crawls, Indonesia become a new power, Indonesia and Australia lead the FDN to retake the world. Indonesia's ideology, Pancasilaism, awake after Soeharto regime down in 1998.

World Map

World map of Soviet Victory
  • Red:Pact countries
  • Blue:Federation countries

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