The National Motorway Network is a system of Motorways that connect the countries of Wessex and Cornwall together. In total, there are 6 motorways, linking the country's most important cities and locations 

List of Motorways

Road Route Counties/Cities
M1 From North to Far South West, known as the 'Long Road' it runs from Northern Mercia, to Birmingham, Bristol and onto Truro.   Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Birmingham, Bristol, Somerset, Devon
M2 Links to the M1 at Bristol, and across the Severn Bridge into the United Kingdom (Wales). Bristol, (Wales)
M3 Links from Bristol, across the Swindon, and Reading. Area arround is known as the 'M3 Corridor' where IT and High Tech Technology industry in focused. Bristol, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Hampshire
M4 Connects South East Coast (Southampton, East and West Sussex) to Bristol and the North. East Sussex, West Susssex, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Somerset, Bristol
M5 Spur road connecting Central Bristol with M3 Bristol
M6 Spur road connecting into M23 in the United Kingdom from M4 West Sussex 
M7 Runs from Birmingham and Wolverhampton to Northern Mercia Birmingham, Warwickshire, Staffordshire
M8 Spur road from Rugby to Daventry from M? Warwickshire
M9 Birmingham Orbit Motorway  Birmingham
M10 Wolverhampton to Telford Staffordshire, Shropshire

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