Sand Area Hoge Veluwe

Hoge Veluwe.

Heide op het Dwingelderveld


De Balg - Schiermonnikoog - the Netherlands


Texel-Alte Dünen

Dunes of Texel.

De Alde Feanen - 3

De Alde Feanen.

Pilsumer Watt from the Leyhörn 2

Lower Saxony Wadden Sea.


Teutoburger Wald.

Harz ilsetal wmc ds 28 04 2012


Dunes of Idunna

Dunes of Idunna.

Loch Lomand and The Trossachs National Park

Loch Lomand and the Trossachs.

Mykines, faroe islands

Outer Islands of the Archipelago.

Southside of the bay in Cóste Ígheainne

Loch Mhóllanne and Split Lóda na Núille.

A National Park in the Seafaring Confederation is an area of natural significance that is appointed the second-highest form of area protection by the government of the Seafaring Confederation. It usually comprises a unique natural area with flora and fauna of outstanding quality and that would otherwise be threatened to be exploited or taken over by agriculture. They are open to visitors and can be exploited for managed tourism only. All other forms of exploitation, especially exploitation that requires destruction of aspects of the National Park, is explicitly forbidden.

The Seafaring Confederation has 30 National Parks.


Saxony has 15 National Parks.

Dutch Lower Saxony

Dutch Lower Saxony has 10 National Parks:

German Lower Saxony

German Lower Saxony has 3 National Parks, one of which is also shared with Saxony-Anhalt:


Hamburg has one National Park:


Saxony-Anhalt has one National Park, which it shares with German Lower Saxony:


Saxony-State has one National Park:


Schleswig-Holstein-Jutland has one National Park:


Dogger has two National Parks:


Howry has one National Park:

The Highlands

The Highlands has two National Parks:

Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands has one National Park:


Rockall has 6 National Parks:


Rom has two National Parks:

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