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Western Parkway
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Route information
Length: 64 mi (103 km)
Existed: 1968 – present
Major junctions
South end: NR 3 National Route 3, Eton, Forriedor
  25px NR 5
North end: Jones Creek Road, Davis, Forriedor
Highway system
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National Route 23 (NR 23, also designated and commonly known as Western Parkway) is a parkway of the Ivalician National Route System, running from National Route 3 in Londinium's southern suburbs to Jones Creek Road in its northern exurbs. It is an prime auxiliary route of National Route 3, hence its two-digit route number. It exists entirely in the state of Forriedor, specifically in the Londinium suburban area.

Western Parkway is an important north-south highway in the Londinium road network. It runs along the eastern bank of the Salvor River through the neighborhoods in the eastern parts of the city, such as Madoka Woods and Old Moncaster. It is one of three official parkways of the National Route System, as designated by the Forriedor Department of Transportation, with the others being Central Parkway and Eastern Parkway in other areas of the state.

An important Ivalice National Railways station, Western Parkway, is located along NR 23 in northern Londinium, serving commuter rail and ICS Express service between Londinium and Ivalion.

Route Description