National State Party (English)
Nationale Partij (Dutch)
Founded 2013
Ideology Conservatism


Political position Centre-right
International affiliation International Democrat Union
Official colours Blue
The National State Party (NSP) is a center-right political party in the Marit Islands Federation.  It is one of the three largest parties in the Marit Islands and has played an important role in the nation's history. Established in 2013, the NSP was created to serve as a general center political party for the public, but quickly evolved into a center-right political party. Federally, the NSP usually forms a coalition with the Democratic Alliance. It most often competes with its center-left opponent, the Social Democratic Party. A few times in the party's history has it controlled Parliament as the single majority.

The name "National State" comes from it's founders' wishes to establish a big tent party that would focus on center political ideologies to control the government, but with its opposing party (at that time the Progressive Party) bringing in the left-wing votes, it soon took hold of conservative principles. The National State Party has often questioned changing its name to the Conservative Party, but each time failed to pass in a party vote.

There have been several right-wing political parties in the nation's history, but eventually they have often lost funding and been absorbed by the NSP. The most notable being the long-lasting People's Popular Movement and the Christian Democratic Party.