The National Warning Infrastructure, or NWI, or Emergency Warning System, is a emergency warning and broadcast system in the United Kingdom of Wessex and Cornwall. The NWI can be displayed on any Digital Advertising Screen in the country, and take Local Radio Stations, and some television stations in a serious emergency, to display information on a disaster, emergency, or impending attack. Sirens are also used in some areas. The NWI was launched in 1974, as the Civil Defence Warning System, consisting of Sirens and Radio and Television broadcasting services. The NWI has only ever been activated once in its history, across the border areas with Great Britain during the Second British Civil War when fighting spilled over, and radical unionist groups attacked several towns and villages on the border in 1979 - 1980. 

The National Warning Infrastructure was put in place to protect the people of Wessex and Cornwall, and allow information to be easily spread across the populace to be able to act accordingly and survive. 


All Digital Advertising Screens in the country, whether they be billboards, on buses or buildings, are fitted with a reciever that can automatically interrupt its own broadcast to display an image, with information according to the threat. Each image is coded by colour, Critical (Red), Severe (Orange) and Green (Substantial). The images are not specific to the situation, and instead additional information can also be programmed to appear, however information if also given through radio and television. 

The images are;



When the NWI is fully activated, all WBC Channels are transferred to WBC News, who broadcasts on behalf of the Government, the Ministry of Defence and CI6. The WBC Emergency Broadcast is activated in Critical threat level situations and Severe Situations, while only the WBC News is activated in Substantial. 

Other channels broadcast the National Emergency Broadcast which shows information form the Ministry of Defence and CI6.


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