Nationalist Party
Founder Marina Sugimoto
Chairman Saito Sokichi
Founded August 30th, 1932
Headquarters Kobara, Akitsu
Ideology Akitian nationalism
Economic liberalism
Official colors Black
Seats in the State Committee
32 / 180

The Nationalist Party (Japanese: 国民党, Kokumin-tō) is currently the second largest political party in Akitsu and is one of two major opposition parties. It was founded in 1899 by the merging of various Akitian nationalist political parties and groups that existed at the time following the unification of Akitsu.


The Nationalist Party has it's foundations win the movement for the unification of Akitsu. These movements resulted in unification in 1899. Soon afterwards, all the movements agreed to merge together to form a single political party. This party was called the Nationalist Party. Soon afterwards the party won an absolute majority in the State Committee. This absolute majority remained unchallenged for decades, and the Nationalist Party was the dominant party in a one-party system. The party suffered major losses in the 1965 general elections, after this the Democratic Party became a major opponent to the Nationalist Party. The result was the birth of a two-party system, in which the Nationalist and Democratic Parties dominated politics. The Nationalist Party started losing seats rapidly in the 1995 general elections, when they were nocked out of the majority by the rising Liberal Democratic Party. This continued until in the 2010 general elections the Liberal Democratic Party gained a majority. The party is challenging the Liberal Democratic Party again in the 2015 general elections in a showdown that political commentators have descibed as the "final battle" between the Liberal Democrats and the Nationalists.

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