Cosmic Mind World Map

Here is a list of nations, as of 2031:


Asia is the World's most populous continent. China, Japan, and India are the major powers on the continent (and are Universal Hyperpowers as well). Most of the continent is more reliant on magic, though they have also adapted excellent to technology and nowadays use a mix of both, though magic remains more used. The Middle East, as well as Georgia, Chechnya, and Turkey are purely technology-based and also in some of those nations, have laws that outlaw the use of magic. Persia is the only nation from the Middle East that allows the use of any kind of magic, despite it favouring technology more.

Name Capital Flag Head of state
Empire of Japan Kyoto Empress Nori
Republic of China Nanjing President Ma Ying-jeou
Republic of Korea Seoul President Park Geun-hye
Hindu Republic of India Delhi President Narendra Modi
Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan Thimphu Flag of Bhutan Monarch Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck
Buddhist Empire of Ayutthaya Bangkok Emperor Bhumibol Adulyadej
Empire of Vietnam Saigon Emperor Bảo Thắng
Srivijaya Jakarta TBA
Zoroastrian Empire of Persia Tehran Monarch Rezā Pahlavi II
Kingdom of Syria Damascus TBA
United Arab Emirates Sana'a TBA
Georgia Tbilisi President Giorgi Margvelashvili
Chechen Republic Grozny President Ramzan Kadyrov
Turkey Ankara President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan


Vinlandia, home to some of the powerful empires, faced colonisation by the Eastern Powers (China, Korea, Japan, Thailand), and by the Norse. Despite their best attempts, they were defeated by the colonisers, though they were granted some autonomy during their rule. After decolonisation around the early 1600s, new nations formed such as Hosokawa, that would put much emphasis on technology. Nowadays, a majority of the continent is technological, save to an extent for the Norse State of Vinland and Mexico.

Name Capital Flag Head of state
Technocratic Republic of Hosokawa Kyouko (OTL Seattle) Flag of Hosokawa (Cosmic Mind) President Michio Kaku
Technocratic Republic of Indiana Indianapolis President Masaru Ibuka
Kingdom of New Ryukyu New Shuri TBA
Mexico Tenochtitlan TBA
Buddhist Republic of Kosṭā Rikā New Thonburi (OTL San José) TBA


Amazonia, much like Vinlandia had faced colonisation, though only by the Eastern Empires (China, Korea, and Japan). The Inca however, were able to put up a good fight, and while they did lose a bit of land, they had managed to stay fiercely independent and avoided being conquered. The continent favours magic more, except for Yuanxian (a former Chinese colony) which favours technology more.

Name Capital Flag Head of state
Tokugawa Shogunate Ieyasu (OTL Bogotá) TBA
Republic of Pindorama Toyokawa (OTL Brasília) TBA
Inca Empire Cusco TBA
Technocratic Republic of Yuanxian Bùyínuòsī-Aìlìsī TBA


Africa is the second most populous continent. While some large empires, such as Songhai and Congo existed, most of the continent was made up of small nation-states and city-states. Once the Eastern Empires had begun to set up colonies in the continent, some of the small nations attempted to band together, but nevertheless were conquered. By the 1600s, most of the continent was divided between the Eastern Empires save for the northern part of the continent until decolonisation in the late 1800s. Today, nine superstates exist on the continent. Technology is dominant in the continent, and Magic use is limited to the Southern part of the continent as well as Tanzania, Ethiopia, and the Congo and not quite widespread.

Africa is much richer and developed than OTL. Diseases are uncommon, and poverty is nearly non-existent.

Name Capital Flag Head of state
Kingdom of Morocco Rabat King Mohammed VI
Republic of Libya Tripoli President Aguila Salah Issa
Republic of Egypt Cairo President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi
Republic of Songhai Bamako President Modibo Keita
People's Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Addis Ababa President Mengistu Haile Mariam
Democratic Republic of Congo Kinshasa President Kabila Kabange
Hindu Republic of Tanzania Nairobi President Uhuru Kenyatta
Federal Republic of Zambia Lusaka President Edgar Lungu
Republic of Minami-Afurika Cape Town President Cyril Ramaphosa


Europe throughout most of its history had been dominated by small city-states and small nations, save for Ireland, Scandinavia, and Finland who had formed powerful states, and were heavy users of magic. As a result of the frequent raids by the North, the rest of the Europeans became hostile to the use of magic and set up witch trials to punish those who used it. In the 1200s, the Eastern Empires had arrived in Europe, and had managed to set up a few colonies as well as establishing trade ports, such as Rotterdam. In the East, China had crushed the Duchy of Moscow, Poland, and Lithuania, and turned them into vassals. During the Eastern presence, some small city and nation states were merged to form larger ones, such as Portugal and Occitania. By the time the Eastern Empires had released their holdings of European nations, large nations took form, such as Germany.

Since the formation of the European Technocratic Federation, formed by France, Germany, Italy, Spain and France in the late 1940s, it has slowly expanded across the continent, accepting those who are anti-magic. As of 2030, Ukraine, Albania, and Serbia are in the process of merging with the superstate, while Greece has yet to meet the economic requirements to join.

Name Capital Flag Head of state
Nordic Federation København TBA
Irish State Dublin TBA
Republic of Finland Helsinki President Eva Biaudet
European Technocratic Federation Strasbourg President Ankie Broekers-Knol
People's Republic of Serbia Belgrade President Tomislav Nikolić
Republic of Albania Tirana President Bujar Nishani
Ukraine Kiev President Petro Poroshenko
Republic of Greece Athens President Prokopis Pavlopoulos
Swiss Confederation Bern Federal Chancellor Corina Casanova
Republic of Moscow Moscow President Sergey Sobyanin


Àozhōu (Chinese: 澳洲) was discovered by Chinese explorer Zheng He in 1415 and was the second to last continent to be discovered. Àozhōu was quickly colonised by the Chinese, and later expanded to include the Maori Islands (OTL New Zealand). China held rule of Àozhōu until their independence in the 1830s.

Name Capital Flag Head of state
Àozhōu New Guangzhou President Xi Jinping

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