This is a list of countries(nations), currently(2012) living in Slastica , Saz-Al-Khan .

Slastican Nation OTL African Nation Example
Ameria Algeria
Antola Angola
Belin Benin
Bosswana Botswana
Burna Farkaso Burkina Faso
Bunduri Burundi
Caremoon Cameroon
Cade Verpe Cape Verde
Central Slastican Republic Central African Republic
Chihad Chad
Coromos Comoros
Cate d'Ivaire Côte d'Ivoire
Xypit Egypt
Gharna Ghana
Malasi Malawi
Mausotania Mauritania
Nalibya Namibia
Lierra Seone Sierra Leone
South Slastica South Africa
Swapsiland Swaziland
Zombabwe Zimbabwe

(( OTL African Nations just means that most of the story was taken from these RL countries, because most of Slastican nations are actually based on Earth nations, while other nations are based on brand new creations. ))

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