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The continent of Natis and its surroundings.

Welcome to Natis! | Únmáena Natis-len!

This is a world of wars, politics, magic and secrets. Nymphs of the far north, dragons of the mountains, dwarners of the ancient times and men, lords of the lands live here.

Under the Face and under the Crown.


See: Natis

Natis is a continent of the World. It is located on the Northern Hemisphere, in the temperate zone. It is bordered by the Ocean to the east and the west, the Sunlit Sea to the south and the Stormsea to the north. Near to it lies the Northern Continent and the two southern landmasses of Ikya and Fortos.

Natis can be divided into five big geographical and cultural areas. In the middle of the continent lies the Sheer, a steppe thousands of miles wide in every direction. It is bordered by a chain of mountains including the White Mountains, the Fire Mountains, the Rockfell Mountains and the Walls of Sun. By the seas lie the most developed and rich areas, like the West, the Firelands, the Monastic Kingdoms and the Eastern Kingdoms.

Table of contents

Under the Crown
Natis ¤ The Northern Continent ¤ Ikya ¤ Fortos


Westmen ¤ Firemen ¤ Jadans ¤ Greenriders ¤ Eastlings ¤ Harlians ¤ Ikyans ¤ Forthons


The Magarate ¤ The Firelands ¤ The Sheer ¤ The Monastic Kingdoms ¤ The Far East


The Old Age ¤ The Bronze Empires ¤ The Iron Empires ¤ The Magarate ¤ The Dark Ages

The Face ¤ The Crown ¤ Magic ¤ The Firecore


Men ¤ Dwarves ¤ Orcs ¤ Nymphs ¤ Dragons

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