The plants of Aerosea are generally have less branch than on earth, on equator the plant receive perpetual sun light, it grows high like a pole and with very few leaves. There are also intermediate invertebratae that have chlorophyl on its skin and use it as an addition of solid food.

The plant near the equator are less in height and ussually have no wood in it. They reproduce by the means of the perpetual equator wind, the seed can go for hundreds of kilometers before settling down, and due to that the same plan span accross the equatorial area.


Practically, almost all Aerosean Animal had no eye, they have heightened other senses, some develop a sonar-like sensing organ, the animal in equator relies on a very sensitive organ to detect wind and air pressure. Animal in Aerosea use protein as the main source of energy. They store the genetic information in a kind of fatty acid.

There are two main kind of animals in Aerosea, the first one is based on a six leged molusc not unlike earths cephalopod. They roam all over Aerosea in all manner of size and shape from spindly legged tree climber Doskeu, a gigantic eight tons Doskema with modified complex musculature to retain its size, and even bigger Phoomar that live on the sea, a fifty meter long marine animal weighted five hundred ton.

The airborne animals of Aerosea in equator made use of the perpetual equatorial wind, there are the Khenima a giant airborn jelly fish floating by the means of biomethane.


The boned animals on Aerosea mostly have three or two apendage, on the forest there are several air glider, three leged animal with bone structure that climbs on the tree of Aerosea.

Biological Chain

Doskema by default is the key species in man y ecoregion of Aerosea. But on some, they are prey of Laabese. A two leged carnivore that hunt in pack. On the Sea, aside of Phomar there are also a carnivorous Revetu, a streamline sea-snake like predator that hunt in pack and communicate by the means of bioelectricity.

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