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Law of Senergy

The Law of Senergy states that: The sum of all energy and entropy in the Asset and Tessa remains constant.

Anchemical (typically called "magical") processes can change the balance between light and dark, by shuffling matter and energy from Asset to Tessa and vice versa, although the atomic identity of that matter is not kept. Any process that transfers energy or matter into the Asset must take the same amount away from the Tessa, and vice versa.

Law of Sentropy

The Law of Sentropy states that: The sum of entropy in the Asset and Tessa is always increasing.

Any physical process not in equilibrium increases entropy (disorder) in the plane in which it occurs. Hence, over time these processes move the universe to a more disorderly state. Anchemical processes may be able to increase or decrease the amount of entropy in either the Asset or Tessa, but only at the cost of increasing entropy in the other plane by a greater amount. This energy gradient is responsible for and necessarily consumed in any magical process, the same way that an energy-entropy gradient is responsible for and necessarily consumed in any chemical or physical process in either one of the two planes.

Rule of Shared Momentum

The Rule of Shared Momentum states that: The combined momentum of both light and dark matter that is anchored together is transferred to any matter it collides with (whether that is light matter, dark matter or both).

Basically, matter that is anchored together is strongly bound together (with a strength superior to many chemical bonds). This law explains the behavior of objects such as anmaterials, aethers, and ethers. In particular this is what lends spells such aether bolt (creae darta aetha) such potency.

and its corollary:

Rule of Shared Weight

The Rule of Shared Weight (or Mass) states that: The effective weight (and mass) of an anchored material is the sum of the weights (and mass) of the light matter and dark matter halves of the object.

This is because after all the light and dark matter is anchored together so any force that pulls or pushes either matter pulls or pushes the other matter as well, much as if they were glued together. This rule is responsible for the "unnatural weight" attributed to any mage carrying a great deal of moiety about their person, leading to the widespread observation that, some mages can try to swim but they can't help but sink into a body of water. The weight seems stronger because the mass of the mage is attracted by gravity to the center of mass of the planet's light matter, while the moieta on the mage is attracted by gravity to the center of mass of the planet's dark matter (which is in the same place as the planet's light matter's center of gravity).

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