Praetori, or Captain Navita Praetori, is often considered the greatest ever captain ever to have led the Palaedonii First Segment fleets. He was the highest ranking Impera (the Palaedonii rank for Commander) at the time of the Apocalypse.

Praetori was brought up on conflicting Palaedonia, as the various factions of the planet began to oppose one another. At the age of only fifteen he became a recruit to the Air Force of Opulos. Within five years he was one of the most high ranking commanders, excelling with a talent in navigation and especially leadership. He was picked out by the Omnii (Generals) of the union as a natural leader.

Four Vici before the Apocalypse, he was selected to be a part of the secret program, the Eclipse project. He immediately rose up to a high position, taking on a leading role as well as his normal duties as a Commander in the Air force. Consequently, in 27 216, he left his job in the army to become a full time member of the Eclipse project.

From this point on, he continued to rise through the system at a tremendous rate. By the start of the year 27 218, he had reached the position of the leader of the Eclipse fleet. He also possessed a unique code that allowed him to take full control of the army if the need arose.

When the various nations of Orientus launched their first missile strikes later that year, the first in a series of events that would eventually decimate the planet's surface, Praetori was quick to act. He immediately set about launching alll space - faring ships and evacuating as many people off the surface of the planet as possible. It is believed that if it were not for his incredible efforts throughout the entire disaster, perhaps as few as half as many people would have survived. Instead, he managed to successfully evacuate a huge proportion of the continent's people.

While in space, owing to the loss of the other military commanders, Praetori took the rank as Commander of the Army and leader of the First Segment. He remained in this role for thirty six Vici, expanding and developing the segment and giving it the start it needed to make it now what is the most powerful of the Segments.

Praetori died during a conflict with the Fourth Segment, his most hated segment. In honour of his loyal services to his people, a ship that was soon to be completed was named in his honour, the SS Praetori. He remains an iconic figure in the history of the Palaedonii.

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