Nazi-Libertonian War
Location West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky
Result Dissolution of the Fascist Union of America
Mass Executions of Neo-Nazis
Liberty Fascist Flag Fascist Union Flag of the republic of liberty United Republic
Commanders and leaders
Liberty Fascist Flag David Gregory † Flag of the republic of liberty Walter Montgomery
Flag of the republic of liberty James Harrison
Liberty Fascist Flag Fascist Militias: ~12,000 Flag of the republic of liberty United Republic National Guard: 30,000
DDS: 2,000
NIS: 5,500

The Nazi-Libertonian War was a civil war fought in the United Republic during 2006, between Liberty and the Fascist Union of America. It began with Neo-Nazis rioting in various cities in West Virginia and eventually taking over the area. Walter Montgomery ordered the National Guard to be sent into the towns to calm the riots, however the fascists fired on the guards, beginning the war.

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