2015 events in the Nearly Real World



Prime Minister of Georgeland Lawrence Porter announces he will step down as leader of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party at the end of August, allowing time for the party to choose a new leader to become Prime Minister a year from the next general election.



Scoita legislative election, 2015

The Liberal Democrats and Greens come to an agreement to govern as a new coalition. Chief Minister Neil Connors will resign, the Liberal Democrats will elect a new leader who will be Chief Minister, and Green Party state leader Niamh Emerson will be Deputy Chief Minister. The Greens will form part of a state government for the first time.

Conservative leader John Grainger immediately attacks the new government as illegitimate, and demands a fresh election. The government will take office when a new LDP leader is chosen on Friday morning.


Scoita legislative election, 2015

  • The general election in the Georgeland state of Scoita produces a chaotic hung parliament. The Conservative Party of Georgeland's vote collapses to an historic low of under 20%, while the Green Party of Georgeland wins almost as much of the vote and 15. The governing Liberal Democratic Party of the United Islands and Georgeland Alliance coalition do not win enough seats to continue in office. Negotiations will now commence for formation of a government, with Governor Don Mendez, who did not seek re-election, having the final say on who to commission.
  • The Green Party reiterates its stated demand during the election campaign that they will not be part of any government that includes the Georgeland Alliance or the National Front, and that Neil Connors must resign as Chief Minister before they will agree to a coalition agreement.

Scoita Gubernatorial election, 2015

  • Liam Horwell, a Liberal Democrat, is elected Governor with 33.7% of the vote, defeating former Conservative Chief Minister Mick Pearson and Independent Senator Ken Romani. Horwell will become Governor in March

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