Nect is the political group that controls Arbitor. It rules strictly and authoritatively, responding to law breaking with harsh punishment. Nect is the only political group known to have existed in Arbitor.


According to records, Nect was formed in the Fall of Civilisation, when Arbitor, the last civilised city on the planet, was crumbling under attacks from the Indocti. Nect created itself from the last of the heroes and politicians to save the city. They managed to rally the people and eventually fight off the invading barbarians. In order to protect themselves, they constructed a huge wall, Umbriorr, which would protect them against the attacking hordes.

Since this rise to power, records indicate that Nect was responsible for the renovation of the city, constructing new technology, building new accomodation, eliminating crime within the city.

It fought as one of the two main forces in the 213 Arbitor Uprising, and defeated the Rebels. At this time, Nect began to impose a far stricter regime in the city, including the creation of the Legion of Nect.

Over the next three hundred years, Nect ruled the city with an iron fist, crushing any signs of resistance so that a tragedy such as the 213 uprising could be avoided. In 474, Nect introduced the 474 Arbitor conscription policy, which randomly selected war-capable men and women to leave the city and fight against the Indocti. These men and women do not usually return.

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