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Republic of Nedonesia
sayis Nedonesi (our nedonesia)
Nedonesian flaggus
Motto: Festina Lente
Anthem: TBD
Capital Batavia
Largest city Batavia
Official languages Nedonesian
Recognised regional languages Dutch, Bahasa, Javanese, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin
Ethnic groups (2012) TBD
Government Parliamentary semi totalitarian democracy
• Head of State
• Head of Government
• Head of Parliament
• Independence
• Total
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• 2012 estimate
• Density
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HDI (2012) TBD
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Currency Nedonesian Guilder (NDG)
Time zone Nedonesian Standard Time (UTC+7 to +9)
Drives on the right
Calling code TBD
Internet TLD .NDO, .ND

The Republic of Nedonesia is a nation located in Asia.

Nedonesian history

Post-war period

1945 End of Japanese occupation

At the end of the war, the dutch empire re-claims Nederlands Indië, indonesia refuses, and does not agree with the dutch.

1947 Dutch & Indonesian war

The dutch start the "Politionele acties" to re-claim Nederlands Indië with violence, this has great succes and indonesia surrenders within days after the dutch army arrives in Batavia Stad to prepare themselves. Instead of taking the dutch army back to the netherlands, the dutch decide to start a short, and succesfull war on malaysia, wich is claimed in matter of months using violence. The dutch won the war with ease, as it was an surprise attack for the unexpecting Malaysians.

1948 Dutch "occupation" of Indonesia

Nederlands Indië lives under dutch occupation. The trade with the dutch is re-astablished and brings welfare to both the dutch and big cities in Nederlands Indië.

Period of Independence

1958 Independence of Nedonesia

Ten years after the start of the official dutch occupation, the Dutch agree with Nedonesia to become "Independend". The Dutch agree with the requirements of an monopoly in the trade of Nedonesia, and keeping the dutch system of healthcare and education. The Dutch also asked the Nedonesians to have their government to be the same as the dutch for atleast 10 years.

1962 State-religion becomes Christianity

The state declares Christianity as state religion.

Period of improvement

1970 1st mass infrastructural improvements

The Nedonesians pick up what the dutch left behind, and continued improving the roads, and build a nation wide electricity and water network.

1972 Establishment of the Parliamentary totalitarian democratic government

The Nedonesians cut the ties on the dutch government system, and they announce an Parliamentary Totalitarian democratic government, on june 1972 the first elections take place.

1975 Educational and Healthcare revolution

The nedonesians make big changes in the educational and healthcare systems.

1978 Nedonesian (Dutch-Indonesian creole) becomes the official language

The Nedonesian language, a creole of Dutch and Indonesian is announced as the official language, and is teached nation wide to everyone.

Period of modernisation

1982 Digitalisation of state

1985 2nd mass infrastructural improvements

1989 Islamic terrorist attacks

1992 No official religion

1994 Privatisation

1997 Government becomes semi-totalitarian

Digital period




The Nedonesians use the Nadonesian Guilder ( 's Nedonesies Gulden )

Coin (name) worth (in guilders)
Sentè ƒ 0,01
twèt ƒ 0,02
dubèt ƒ 0,10
kwatè ƒ 0,25
halfè ƒ 0,50
guldè ƒ 1,00
daldè ƒ 2,50
vifè ƒ 5,00
billiet (name worth (in guilders)
tinkè ƒ 10,00
twènkè ƒ 20,00
fièntwènkè ƒ 25,00
fèfèti ƒ 50,00
hundè ƒ 100,00
hundaldè ƒ 250,00
buk ƒ 500,00
rug ƒ 1000,00

Nedonesian map, nedonesia is white, some surrounding islands have been removed,

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