Neil Groom
14th President of Gibland
In office
September 27, 2006 – March 27th, 2012
Vice President Matthew Niemec, Don Lawton
Preceded by Peter Fortune
Succeeded by Don Lawton
16th Vice President of Gibland
In office
March 27th, 2012 – December 23rd, 2012
President Don Lawton
Preceded by Don Lawton
Succeeded by Matthew Niemec
16th President of Gibland
Assumed office
December 23rd, 2012
Vice President Matthew Niemec
Preceded by Don Lawton
Personal details
BornOctober 23, 1980
Northarm, Gibland
Political partyBlue Party
ProfessionSocial Studies Teacher

Neil Groom was the 14th president of Gibland. He served as a member of the Blue Party. He served as the 15th vice president; he is now serving his second term as the 16th president.

Early Life

Groom was born in Northarm, Gibland, in an only child, lower middle class family, he showed interest in politics from a relativley young age, when he was about 9, and had devloped specific political views views by age 12, he got average grades in high school, he was also a huge hockey fan, and cheered for Blueville.

University Years and GHL

Groom went to the University of Blueville the same year he graduated, when he was 17. He took a bachelor of Education, minor in Law, and a PhD in Politics, he challenged the law minor, and the PhD and was certified in 3 years. His original plan was to become Social Studies teacher. Groom also took a liking to hockey in university and was one of the top players on the university team, he was taken away from his original plan when he was drafted by the Northarm Tornadoes, in the GHL's last draft. As the leauge moved to a more compressed fromat, having bi-monthly seasons, with shorter games and no draft. He played 16 seasons (totalling 1 year and 4 months) until he was injured.


The back injury he sustained playing hockey ended his career, it wasn't a crippliing injury but an injury that would easily be re injured if he were to play again. The money he amassed from his hockey career wasn't much due to the condensed seasons, and therefore salaries, he made about 5 million total. And invested it all after he learned his career was over. In 2001 he ran in a by-election as a member of the Blue Party (hired by Mark Mann) for Downtown Blueville riding, after the current MP died in a car accident. Groom won the riding and retained it when the Blue Party was sent to oppose Peter Fortune. Groom ran for leadership after being the interim leader Mann resigned. Groom became the leader of the party. After current president Peter Fortune was uncovered as a prolific serial killer, an election was called and Groom took the golden opprotunity and won a majority in 2006, and has been re-elected to 3 minorities since.

Personal Life

He is openly gay, and is currently umarried. Groom owns 5 homes (but no mansions) 3 in towns surrounding Blueville. The other two being in Quicksilver, and on Cornell Island. Loves animals and has 2 dogs, pug and golden retriever and 2 cats long hair tortoise shell, and short hair grey tabby. All of which have been seen with him frequently on television.

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