The Neithian Militant Forces (NMF) is the state military of the State of Neith, which is part of the Interstate of Neith-Tiaan. Unlike other interstates which have consolidated unified armed forces, Neith-Tiaan is divided as the two states are usually at odds with one another. The NMF and the Tiaanese Self Defense Force only unify under the Zeusic Interplanetary Defense Coalition (ZIDC) when there is a coordinated attack against the interstate as a whole. The Militant Forces is a unified structure, with no independent or environmental service branches. It does consist of environmental divisions, however they answer to the same command structures, and follow the same ranking organization.

The NMF is led by the Prime Conqueror, currently Latsnam Yohdneck, who is appointed by the Planetar of Neith. The Prime Conqueror, then in turn has essentially unlimited power over the Militant Forces. In practice, this person can unilaterally change the military's structure or deploy forces wherever he deems fit. Interstate law, however, does prohibit this to an extent. The Prime Conqueror is supported by two Conquestator Generals, one of which leads the defensive division of the NMF, and the other who leads the expeditionary or colonization forces. Both are considered equal in duty and precedence.


Rank structure

Ranks should not be confused with duty titles. A trooper can be a grade of helmsman, which he would usually be referred to in that capacity. A general officer will be referred to as "captain" if he or she is in command of a vessel, even though they may not hold that rank. Ranks are utilized mostly for administrative purposes such as pay grade or precedence of authority.

  • Prime Conqueror
  • Conquestator General
  • General I
  • General II
  • Colonel
  • Major
  • Captain
  • Leftenant
  • Centurion
  • Trooper I
  • Trooper II
  • Trooper III


Space and docking stations

  • Faeae class shipyard
    • Faeae Orbital Yard - orbit of Neith
    • Secave Orbital Yard - orbit of Locutex
  • Serpent class command hub
    • Militant Forces Orbital Station Serpent (MFOSS) - orbit of Neith
  • Drake class defense platform
    • Defense Platform Drake - orbit of Neith
    • Defense Platform Artemis - orbit of Neith
    • Defense Platform Viper - orbit of Neith
    • Defense Platform Superis - orbit of Locutex

Active capital ships

  • Conqueror Ngandlo class battlefort (4,000m length, 1,500m width | 7,000 crew)
    • NMS Conqueror Ngandlo - Militant Forces flagship
  • Coercer class conquerships
    • Mk.I (1,500m length, 560m width | 3,000 crew)
      • NMS Coercer
      • NMS Nondeliberator
      • NMS Angry Traveler
      • NMS Conquest
      • NMS Slaver
      • NMS Rapier
      • NMS Brevis
      • NMS Lioness
      • NMS Persecutor
      • NMS Crusher
      • NMS Venom
    • Mk.II (2,000m length, 600m width | 500 crew)
      • NMS Planetar Ronnak
      • NMS Pulsar
      • NMS Reverence
      • NMS Striking Tempest
      • NMS Vulture
  • Zeus class gunships (900m length, 150m width | 250 crew)
    • NMS Zeus
    • NMS ZcN-002
    • NMS ZcN-003
    • NMS ZcN-004
    • NMS ZcN-005
    • NMS ZcN-006
    • NMS ZcN-007
    • NMS ZcN-008
    • NMS ZcN-009
    • NMS ZcN-010
    • NMS ZcN-011
    • NMS ZcN-012
    • NMS ZcN-013
    • NMS ZcN-014

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