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Nelàm is a fantasy world and story. It was originally made in Sweden in 2003. The majority of the world is based on parts of Nelàm Rekïr, which is the major story.

Nelàm Rekïr

Nelàm Rekïr is based on a war that occurred in the year 4310 (orc counting would be year 130). The war, which was lead by the warchief Lêtam, was for the revenge of his dead father Vaf, that lead the orc attacks in 4301 (121) for orc domination. Lêtam had more armies than his father did, actually, the entire orc continent itself. The blood-family Îra that Vaf and Lêtam were born into are of royal heritage. Their relatives in the former days have lead many wars against the humans and elves. This time, they aim for victory. Jakîm is the country in which the Lêtam reign, the only part where you can wade yourself between the continents.

Magic Dictionary

The book that was made only consists of 56 pages, but another one will presumably be made in time. Here you can find some things that are special in the Nelàm world. First to say, magic is a common word. Each town contains their own magician, warlock, witch and more. New magics are developed each day, the result of which is that their numbers are almost unlimited. Many will be written in the Magic Dictionary hopefully.

Religion and Dragons

The human and elvish religion is quite other too. They believe in a mythology type of Gods and are very sure that they're the creators of Nelàm. If you study the World Map in detail, you might find some islands looking alike different type of objects, see List of the Islands. One example is Filavo the Meteor Island. Look which you can find! The orc religion are based on dragon belief. They (majority) believe that the ancient dragons that live on the Dragons Cliff are the creators of Nelàm and every living. Read more on Nelàm Religion and Dragons.

Ancient and Modern Wars

Alot of wars are mentioned in the book from the ancient time and ofcourse more modern wars. Many that was lead by the Îra family. More in the Ancient and Modern Wars will be shown.


There is some special grammar made for this story, yet nothing big. The biggest thing would probobly be the ^ words. All words that contains a ^ will be having a K afterwards. Example: Jakîm = Jakikhm, Lêtam = Lektham, Îra = Ikrah. And so on. Look for more special grammar in Languages.


If you wish to add some line about the story or tell me about whatever else, email

For Swedish version press here Nelàm.

För svensk version tryck här Nelàm.

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