Nelàm Rekïr is the book about the Jakîm attacks by Lêtam. It's the first book made about the Nelàm world.

Nelàm Rekïr is based on a war that occurred in the year 4310 (orc counting would be year 130). The war, which is lead by the warchief Lêtam, is for the revenge of his dead father Vaf, that lead the orc attacks in 4301 (121) for orc domination. Lêtam had more armies then his father did, actually, the entire orc continent itself. The blood-family Îra that Vaf and Lêtam were born into are of royal heritage. Their relatives in the former days have lead many wars aginst the humans and elves. This time, they aim for victory. Jakîm is the country in which the Lêtam reign, the only part where you can wade yourself between the continents.

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