Neothantas is a particular genre of Wessen art spanning across many medians. Neothantas is commonly described as the involvement of fantastical elements, commonly from Wessex's rich folklore, including Creatures, Landscapes and People. Neothantas is commonly exhibited in Traditional and Modern Wessen Art, Literature, Music and Music Videos, Television, Games, and Films. Neothantas is characterised in Literature by otherwoldly elements, and fantasy creatures, and in visual art by colourful characters, fantastical creatures and interesting landscapes. 

The genre originated as early as the 1800's in publishing, however was popularised in the early 1970's. The style is inherently and undoutably influenced by Wessex's rich folklore linked to Wessen Paganism


The term Neothantas, is a portmentau of the Wessen words Neothenawag meaning Paradise, and Thantas, meaning Fantasy. The term was believed to have originated in the late 1800's, however its source is unknown, and is simply known as adding two of its most common elements together. 

Visual Characteristics

The most starking visual characteristics of Neothantas revolve around Nature. Most Neothantas art or productions take place in a rural and naturalistic setting. This is often linked to the belief in Wessen Paganism that nature is sacred and is an integral part of Pagan traditions. The settings however are often altered with fantastical colourful plants. 

Another important visual tradition of Neothantas is the involvement of fantasy beings and creatures. Many of these derive from rich Wessen folklore, Mythology and Germanic Paganism. Another common theme is Magic, and both Wiccanry and Wizardry. These commonly include;

  • Elves, or Aevles
  • Dragons
  • Wyverns
  • Ghosts
  • Wraiths
  • Ides (divine female beings)
  • Unicorns
  • Gods and Goddesses
  • Fairies 
  • Sprites
  • Ents

While many Neothantas pieces and productions may be colourful and bright, many also have dark elements, which portray the darker side of human emotion such as the inclusion of Evil Spirits and Ghosts.

Literary Characteristics

Story Themes

Notable Works

While Neothantas is not exclusive to Wessex, many Wessen-produced productions and art are related to the genre. Famous works considered to be Neothantas are the Harry Potter Series books and films, Lord of the Rings books and films, and Wessen TV program Avalon.

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