New Afrikan Army
Flag of the New Afrikan Army
Founded 23 Feburary 1954
Country Flag of New Afrika Republic of New Afrika
Type Army
Size 714,587 active personnel
1,191,911 reserve personnel
Part of Department of the Army
Garrison/HQ Atlanta, Georgia
Motto "Never Again, Always Prepared"
Colors Red, Black, & Green
Secretary of Defense Rajan Deverell
Chief of Staff Tyreese Jenkins

The New Afrikan Army (NAA) is the main branch of the New Afrikan Armed Forces responsible for land-based military operations. It is the largest and oldest branch of the military, dating back to the New Afrikan struggle for independence in the early 1920s down to Feburary 23, 1954, when New Afrika was recognized as an independent state, and the NAA was established out of the guerilla forces that fought against the United States military. The Army's goal is the "provide general combat against enemy forces, and to establish dominance on the ground, using whatever means are avaliable to it and its uniformed personnel."

The New Afrikan Army is a part of the Department of the Army, one of the three standing departments that make up the surviving Department of Defense, carried over into New Afrika following its independence. Currently, the Army consists of 714,587 active personnel, and another 1,191,911 personnel in reserve, for a combined strength of 1,906,498 soldiers. The highest ranking officer within the NAA is the Chief of Staff of the Army. Though the Chief of Staff is the highest ranking military officer in the army, he is superceded by the Secretary of the Army, who answers to the President of New Afrika.












Basic Branches

Special Branches

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