New Afrikan Navy
Flag of the New Afrikan Navy
Founded 23 Feburary 1954
Country Flag of New Afrika Republic of New Afrika
Type Navy
Size 313,116 active personnel
409,301 reserve personnel
106 ships
1,280+ aircraft
Part of Department of the Navy
Garrison/HQ Atlanta, Georgia
Motto "Riding the waves to Hell"
Colors Black & Red
Aircraft flown
Attack F/A-18A/B/C/D, F/A-18E/F
E-2C, EP-3E, E-6, EA-6B, EA-18G
Fighter F/A-18A/B/C/D, F/A-18E/F
Helicopter UH-1, CH-53D, MH-53E, SH-60B/F, HH-60H, MH-60R/S
Patrol P-3
Reconnaissance RQ-2, MQ-8B, RQ-4
Trainer F-5, F-16N, T-2C, T-6, T-34, T-39, T-44, T-45, TH-57
Transport C-2, C-9, C-12, C-20, C-40, C-130

The New Afrikan Navy (NAN) is the naval branch of the New Afrikan Armed Forces, and one of the five uniformed branches of the military. It has the most modern navy in the world, due in part its old one being taken by the Northern Coalition in 2008. Thus, while the navy is smaller than most of its rivals, it is the most advanced. The navy has some 313,116 active personnel and another 409,301 in reserve. Additionally, the navy operates some 106 ships and 1,280 aircraft as of 2012. The Federal Navy's blue-water capacity was demostrated numerous times before 2008 during military excerises off the New Afrikan-Northern Coalition border near Norfolk, Virginia, a region both nations claim. Also, the navy's capacity to wage a conflict on two fronts has been proven, as New Afrika placed portions of the fleet near Florida, which it claims as New Afrikan territory.

Following the formation of New Afrika in 2007, the military's decision to upgrade the fleet came at a time when the port of Norfolk was siezed by another nation, forcing it to build a new fleet of warships. Thus, new weapon systems were designed for the Navy with the sole intention of creating a fleet of futuristic vessels utilizing the most advanced weapon and communications technology avaliable. New Afrikan suface vessels are armed with railguns, suface-to-air missiles, and advanced EMP technology, allowing a small ship to fight a warship far larger than itself. The incident that initially robbed New Afrika of a navy instead provided it with a far more powerful and advanced one.







Aircraft Carriers

Amphibious Warfare Vessels

Surface Vessels

New Afrikan cruisers are heavily armed, bristling with railguns (when they are deployed), and bear several SAM batteries. They are capable of operating independently from the rest of the fleet, and are generally used to counter anti-ship missile threats and serve as command platforms during war. The Samual Gravely-class is the only type of cruiser in service with the navy, but others planned for the future. Such warships serve as the command vessels for small fleets out at sea, but general serve by themselves at peace-time.

  • Samuel Gravely-class (17 in commission, three under construction, four planned)




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