New Bay City Police Department
New Bay Police Department
New Bay City Police Department 1
Law enforcement agency overview
Formed 2009
Jurisdiction New Bay City, Texas
Headquarters Municipal Building, Downtown, New Bay City, Texas
Employees 3,500
Agency executives Jeffrey Mallard, Chief of Police
Nelson Loredo, Assistant Chief of Police
Parent agency Texas Department of Public Safety

The New Bay City Police Department (NBPD) is the primary law enforcement agency serving New Bay City, Texas, Allied States and limited areas in the surrounding counties. The NBPD has primary jurisdiction in all areas classified as part of New Bay City, and has secondary jurisdiction on immediate surrounding counties (Matagorda County, Calhoun County, Victoria County, Regugio County, Aransas County and Jackson County). The NBPD headquarters is located in Downtown, at the New Bay City Municipal Building. The current Chief of Police is Jeffrey Mallard.



  • Office of the Chief of Police
    • Administrative Operations
      • Internal Affairs Division
      • Human Resources Division
      • Office of Public Affairs
      • Finance Office
  • Patrol Operations Division
    • Sector North Command
    • Sector South Command
  • Investigative Operations
    • Burglary and Theft Unit
    • Homicide Division
      • Crime Scene Investigation and Crime Lab Division
      • Sex Crimes Division
    • Juvenile Division
    • Civilian Intelligence Bureau, New Bay City Field Office
  • Special Investigations Command
    • Office of Criminal Intelligence
    • Narcotics Unit
    • Street Gang and Hoodlum Crimes Unit
    • Vice Division
  • Support Operations
    • Technology Services Unit
    • Correctional Liaison Command
    • Tactical Support Command
      • Special Weapons and Tactics
      • Maritime Unit
      • K9 Unit
      • Bomb Squad
      • Hostage Negotiations Unit
    • Air Support Unit
    • Traffic Enforcement Bureau
    • Road Accident Investigations Unit


Senior ranks Insignia
Chief of Police
APS Local Head Insignia
Assistant Chief of Police
APS Local Deputy Head Insignia
APS Commander Insignia

APS Major Captain Insignia
APS Lieutenant Insignia
Insignia are worn as metal pins on the collars of a shirt and as shoulder marks on a jacket.
Police officers Insignia Detectives Insignia
APS Sergeant Insignia
Senior Detective
APS Senior Detective Insignia
APS Officer Deputy Insignia
APS Detective Insignia
APS Cadet Insignia
Junior Detective
Insignia are worn as embroidered chevrons on the upper sleeves of a shirt or jacket.


Prisoner transports are done exclusively by the respective state's correctional department.


New Bay City Police Department weapon inventory
Weapon Type Origin
Glock 22 Pistol Austria
MP5 Submachine Gun Germany
Gate Crasher Breach Weapon United Kingdom
Grenade Hand Thrown Anti-Personnel Varied
Taser Non-Lethal Electric Allied States
Mace Non-Lethal Spray Varied
Extendable Baton Striking Weapon Varied


NBPD Carbon E7

The new Carbon Motors E7, the new default cruiser for the NBPD.

New Bay City Police Department car/SUV inventory
Name Type
Carbon Motors E7 Cruiser
Ford Crown Victoria Cruiser
Chevy Impala Cruiser
Ford Taurus Cruiser
Chevy Tahoe SUV/K-9 Unit/Utility
Hummer H1 SUV/Riot Vehicle
Dodge Charger Interceptor/Cruiser
Dodge Challenger Pursuit Vehicle
Freightliner Truck Heavy Utility Truck
Nova Bus Bus
Blue Bird All American Command Post Mobile Command Post
Gage Ranger Series Tactical Transportation


New Bay City Police Department aircraft inventory
Name Type
Bell 412EP Transport/Utility Helicopter
MD500E Reconnaissance/Pursuit/Light Transport Helicopter
Eurocopter AS350 Transport/Utility Helicopter


The General Safety Auxiliary acts as the NBPD's auxiliary division. They do not hold the same rights as regular police officers, instead they are only permitted to carry out traffic stops, roadside assistance, medical assistance, and surveillance of known criminals. GSA officers may only carry pepper-spray, one set of cuffs, and a police baton, however, when the need arises, the local law enforcement agency may give them temporary firearm rights.

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