New Bethel
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City of New Bethel
New Bethel Skyline.png
The aerial view of New Bethel
Nickname(s): City of Worship
Motto: Hic resident pacificare et coadunare
"Here reside peace and unity"
Red pog.svg
Judah State Map KANIA.jpg
Location of New Bethel in Judah
Country Flag of Kania Kania
Region Eastern Kania
State Judah
Founded 6 June 1759
 - Mayor N/A (F)
 - Land 0 km2 (0 sq mi)
 - Water 0 km2 (0 sq mi)
 - Urban N/A km2 (N/A sq mi)
 - Metro N/A km2 (N/A sq mi)
Elevation N/A m (N/A ft)
Population (2013 estimate)
 - City 14,158
 - Density 0/km2 (0/sq mi)
 - Urban N/A
 - Urban Density N/A/km2 (N/A/sq mi)
 - Metro N/A
 - Metro Density N/A/km2 (N/A/sq mi)
 - Demonym New Bethelite
Racial makeup (2013)
 - Black 58.2%
 - White 24.1%
 - Mixed 9.6%
 - Asian 4.7%
 - Other 3.4%
Time zone KST (UTC+4)
Area code(s) +1

New Bethel is a major urban located in the state of Judah. It is home to 14,158 inhabitants, and best known for the location of the Kane Estate, the residence built by the nation's founder Roger Kane, and maintained and resided in by all of his direct descendants into the modern day. The town is currently headed by Mayor n/a, a member of the Federalist Party of Kania.







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