Under rule by the townships of Palmas Alta, San Rio, Eastern Greytown, Freisberg, Greytown, Noodleburg.

Collectives of New Cameroine
Official Languages English, French, Welsh, Gaelic, Scots, Norwegian, and German.
Capital Greytown
Government Collective
President Travis Cambridge
Prime Minister Tony LaQuinne
Area 890,000 sq miles
Population 4,000,000
Native nickname Lampreyfolk
Independence c. 555 from Retrovian Empire
Currency None, any coinage is legal.

File:New Cameroineflag.JPG


Since the birth of the Civilization Age the towns ruled the region in numerous times by Siedlers, Norman Age, and the Germans. The secret police unit called the TCP the true ancestor of the Retrovian Imperial Police or RPI. Then came an issue of Evil Act of Humanity which was a hoax.

A gruesome event happened in 1925 when the police found 400,000 headless bodies and a pile of bones in the basement of a now burnt down house. The town of Freestone was the site of this terrible event that is now known as the Freestone Massacre.


English is the official Kyratopian is spoken in the older parts of the region. French is widely understood and the motto is French but its regional dialect Arlean is the local form of French. Dutch is the most common language of New Cameroine.


Nouvelle Terre Âgé Règles Jamais Meurt French "New Land Old Rules Never Dies"


Old Counties

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