New Curonia Autonomous Region
Jauna Kurzeme
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Flag Coat of arms
Motto: Fight for Tomorrow
Anthem: Rejoice, oh Mother Curonia
Curonia map
and largest city
Official languages Curonian
Recognised regional languages Latvian Lithuanian
Ethnic groups (2015) 72%Curonian
15% Latvian
Demonym Curonian
Establishment 1651
• Curonian Union
• New Curonian ASSR
• New Curonian Autonomous Region (Latvia)
• New Curonian Autonomous Region (Baltic State)
• Total
300 km2 (120 sq mi)
• 2005 estimate
• 2014 census
• Density
243.4/km2 (630.4/sq mi)
Currency Lats (Ls)

New Curonia (Latvian: Jauna Kurzemes) Is the first of two overseas territories of the Baltic State of Curonia.


The island of New Curonia was colonised by the Grand Duchy of Curonia in 1642, many conflicts were fought over this island at the time due to it's unnaturally high soil fertility and it's value to biology world wide. After five attempted invasions of the island a larger fort was constructed on top of the already Fort Jacob. This in the end resulted in the nearby town of Jacobsstadt to be completely inclosed within the forts walls.

For the next few hundred years New Curonia was a Unitary state with Curonian Gambia after the three partitions of the Lithuanian-Polish commonwealth had ceded all of The Grand Duchy of Curonia to the Russian Empire.

The Interwar Period

On the 5th of December 1918 an independance war against the USSR and the German Empire errupted in the Latvian inhabited regions. The war went on untill the 11th of August 1920 when it resulted in a Latvian Victory. Immediatly after, The first Latvian Republic was established.

At first the relations of New Curonia and Latvia were reasonably stable, however this all changed when Karlis Ulmanis was elected. Ulmanis was quite authoritarian and a controlling persona. A referendum took place in 1929 which decided that no Unification would take place while the Ulmanis Government was in power. In 1954 shortly after Joseph Stalins death the Curonians Joined the Latvian SSR as an ASSR.

After the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991 the newly established Russian Federation claimed New Curonia as an integral part of their nation. After a brief military conflict with the Curonian National Guard the Russian armed forces backed off and in 1992 recognised Curonia as an Autonomous Governing Region of Latvia.