New Earth is a project anyone can join where in 2010, there is a world crisis and the nations of the world are reorganized. The main focus is to let a player pick a country and reform it into something new.

The Story:

In 2010, there is a global crisis due a massive pandemic killing people, causing nearly everyone to go hungry. The richer countries like the U.S and U.K were not hurt as much because they had been prepared for a pandemic, but most countries were not. The leaders and populations of many countries were killed by the disease, called the super pandemic, because it was immune to drugs, and when the cure was finally found, the governments did not have many people left in them. In most countries, the lack of government caused revolts everywhere until new leaders stepped up. Some countries, like the U.S became police states run by dictators. But others became new free states. This is where the players step in.

What to do:

Pick a country and reform its government. You could turn it into a police state or a free country trying to become a utopia. In addition, your country can interact with blank nations(ones not controlled by anyone)to have wars or trading and other stuff.


Be realistic.

Don’t edit other peoples country.

Only one nation per person unless a GM says you can have more

Right now, XXstormmXX is the GM.

Countries Claimed: Edit this to claim a country

USA Claimed by XXstormmXX: New American Union


July 2010: The super pandemic is born. It appears in New Delhi India and spreads to Asia through air travel

August 2010: The super pandemic is killing millions in Asia and Russia. The plague is like the flu, but fatal. November 2010: The plague reaches Europe. By now, the leaders of most Asian countries have died from it or fled. The pandemic is causing wide spread riots in China and the Chinese government is first to collapse.

December 2010: The pandemic now reaches the U.S.A. In addition, Africa is heavily infected and European governments including France, Germany, and the U.K are collapsing.

February 2012: The U.S.A is infected with the plague and so is the rest of the Americas. Finally work begins on a cure.

April 2012: A cure is found and the effects of the plague are being reversed. But by now most of the world governments are collapsed. Present day: Now is the time where governments start to reform. The U.S is turned into a corporate dictatorship run by a mega corporation called Inspire Corp, which is the company that produced the super pandemic cure.

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