New England Defense Force
Founded 2007
Country New England Republic
Allegiance Parliament
Part of Ministry of Defense
Garrison/HQ Defense Headquarters, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
President Kenneth Carmichael
Chairman of the Defense Council David Ramsee

The New England Defense Force (NEDF) is the national armed forces of the New England Republic, and consists of the Army, Air Force and Coast Guard. The President is the commander-in-chief, however, it would be custom for the Prime Minister to control the military and its operations during time of war. It is however one of the President's few executive privileges to have ultimate authority over the Defense Force.

The President with advice from the Prime Minister and House of Delegates appoints a Chairman of the Defense Council as the day-to-day manager of the NEDF. The Chairman, in turn, then appoints the chiefs of the three service branches. The Minister of Defense controls the administrative, civilian side of the NEDF. Parliament, as with all other departments, controls the Defense Force in the sense that it can cut off funding at any time or impeach any of its commanders, from the President to a normal squad leader.

As a general rule, the Defense Force would never invade another nation. New England's pacifist personality ensures the NEDF remain within New England as a purely self-defense organization. It can, however, be deployed when assisting allies abroad.


Second American Civil War

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New England Republic


  • The President is the Commander-in-Chief of the Defense Force, and in turn, his allegiance is to Parliament.
  • The Defense Council are the military commanders of the Defense Force, and run the organization on a day-to-day basis.
    • Chairman of the Defense Council - The de facto head of the Defense Force, currently David Ramsee

Joint Administrative Formations (JAF)

The Defense Force has X Joint Administrative Formations, which are under the direct command of a commander from any service branch, appointed by the Defense Council.

  • Joint commands:
    • Training Command
    • Air Defense Command
    • New England Defense Medical Services
    • Military Police Corps
  • Military districts:
    • Military District of Philadelphia
    • Military District of Washington


The Chief of the Army is the military commander of the New England Army.

The New England Army currently has three army formations, which in turn have several subdivisions:

  • Army Group North
  • Army Group Central
  • Army Group South

The Army has several specialized elements:

  • New England Army Special Forces
  • Army Reserve Command
  • Installation and Administrative Services Command

Air Force

The Chief of the Air Force is the military commander of the New England Air Force.

The New England Air Force currently has two air force sections, which in turn have several subdivisions:

  • Northern Air Command
  • Southern Air Command

The Air Force has several specialized elements:

  • Air Force Special Task Force
  • Space and Early Warning Command
  • Installation Management Command
  • Air Force Reserve Command

Coast Guard

The Chief of the Coast Guard is the military commander of the New England Coast Guard.

The New England Coast Guard currently has only one fleet, which has several subdivisions. The Coast Guard has several specialized elements:

  • Special Warfare Command
  • Coast Guard Reserve Command


The following is an incomplete list of NEDF military installations:



Air Force

Coast Guard

Other defense department facilities

Foreign installations

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