New Kikipolis is a city in the Georgeland state of Capitalia, serving as the capital of that state. It has a population of 2,146,759 (2002), making it Georgeland's fourth-largest city. The New Kikipolis municipal area contains two very different demographic areas - the north and eastern parts of the city are affluent, while the industrial areas and eastern and southern suburbs have historically been plagued with high crime rates and urban poverty. New Kikipolis has a high proportion of population born in Africa - almost 10% of the city's residents are of African origin. The city takes its name from Jean Kiki, a French-Polynesian settler who first established the town of Kikipolis in 1805 - the city of New Kikipolis grew from the remnants of that colony, which failed due to poor planning and plague.

City of New Kikipolis
Co-ordinates  ???
Time Zone GMT +5
Mayor Imelda Van Der Beek (since 2003)
Population 2,146,759 (2002 census)
Urban Area 1179 sq. km
Founded May 13, 1847
Incorporated December 6, 1906

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