New Welland
Map of New Welland.png
Nickname(s): The Native State
Motto: Prosperity and Fairness
Area First Settled D-M-YYYY
Admission to Atlion D-M-YYYY
Capital Robinson City
 - Type Semi-Untary State Government
 - Governor Fran Stefford
Time zone UTC-3

New Welland is a state of Atlion. New Welland is located between Vlorast, Wushan, and Edwardsland, and the Atlantic Ocean. New Welland is currently run by state governor Fran Stefford. The capital is Robinson City and the largest city is Ellsworth. As of 2011, the state has a population of 15,895,071, with a majority of being natives.

New Welland is called the "Native State" since it still is home to Native Albions Indians that live here. The state's Native population makes up slightly over eight tenths of all of New Welland. New Welland is also called Ioerra to the Keba tribe.


New Weland was found by Harris Welland. The state was inhabited by Natives that live here before them.

Gay marriage is not allowed and is considered as a sin to natives.


New Wellans has a semi-unitary state government. All laws are based on the Constitution of Atlion.


Roruata Mount Albert

Mount Albert

New Welland is located northwest of Vlorast, southwest of Athens, southeast of Edwardsland, and West of the Atlantic. New Welland has an area of UNDETERMINED. The northern portion is mainly mountainious. It has many peaks over 6,000 feet. Mount Albert(Roruata) is the highest peak at 12,141 feet.

New Welland is almost completely 600 feet above sea level. New Welland has a short coastline. Lake Ulyse is the lowest ponit at -764 feet.

Earthquakes and volcano eruption are quite common in this state since it lies on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Earthquakes often have a magnitude of 6.4 or higher. New Welland has had 60 recorded earthquakes as well as 25 major volcanic eruption. In 1953, Mount Terra erupted burning the nearby town of Kamache and the smoke made the sun appear to be darkish red color. The state has 6 active volcanoes out of the 11 total.

Administrative Divisions

Map of New Welland Regions

Divisions of New Welland. Letters indicate the location of regional seats

New Welland is divided into 6 regions and 36 regional municipalities(RMs). The regions are named after the regional seat. A regional muncipalty can be a self-governing city division or acts like a county.


Region Regional Seat Population RMs
Allison Allison 1,924,075 6
Ellsworth Ellsworth 5,002,658 6
Keshama'rura Keshama'rura 1,208,468 7
Robinson City, Welland Capital Region Robinson City 4,101,976 6
Rorutanga Rorutanga 2,210,505 4
Tamiung'ka Tamiung'ka 1,447,389 7

Regional Muncipalties

# Name Population(2010 census) Seat
Region of Allison(A)
1 Abbotsford 120,025 Abbotsford
2 Allison 1,238,377 -
3 Cornwall 55,987 Oxford
4 Gandhray'a 101,789 Gandhray'a
5 Tshwane 20,855 Kempton Hill
6 Yeduc(Leduc) 387,042 Leduc City
Region of Ellsworth(E)
1 Adrion 100,984 Adrion
2 Ellsworth 3,009,212 -
3 Fredrick 121,897 Boswell
4 Kanphf 455,760 Seux
5 Plato 199,121 Garland
6 White Plains 1,115,684 -
Region of Keshama'rura(K)
1 Ekwanesie 33,319 Katcko
2 Guwat 45,532 Moemzi
3 Hano'ah Lio 318,245 Jumerai
4 Keshama'rura 672,930 -
5 L'Ierra 36,515 Yrvatska
6 Ulieux 244,273 -
7 Winnigois 29,126 ILura
Region of Robinsion City, Welland Capital Region(RC or WCR)
1 Ember 732189 -
2 Irving 903,465 Bergeson
3 Jackson 810,322 Canary
4 Robinson City 1,656,000 -
5 Vrais 185,686 Tutryav
6 Zealand 234,270 Zealand City
Region of Rorutanga(RO)
1 Breckingshire 305,144
2 Rorutanga 1,105,253 -
3 X'ma 316,087 Jawe
4 Zed 484,021 Olre
Region of Tamiung'ka(T)
1 Bieux 115,976 -
2 Eilek 58,385 Chavo
3 Ilgoma 46,806 Inkunnatiut
4 Kaaliquiat 110,575 -
5 Leningrad 116,457 Kem
6 Tamiung'ka 914,894 -
7 Uni Wega 78,895 Uni
- New Welland 15,895,071 Robinson City

† self governing city RM
‡ the RM and seat have the same name


New Welland has a population of 15,895,071 people.



New Welland has a diverse network of highways, airports, rails, and bus systems.


New Welland has 8 major airports


Rorutanga Chennge Airport(IATA:RGA ;ICAO:JWRA) is the largest airport in Atlion. Serves as a primary airport for Rorutanga. In 2010, it has 69,893,365 passengers and made destinatination in the Americas, Africa, Europe, and Asia.


Robinson City



Mass Transit

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