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Nieu Nyan
ᥖᥭᥰᥖᥬᥳᥑᥨᥒᥰ Noi Niǎinya
—  State  —
Flag of Niḗu Nyan.png
Nickname(s): The Mountaintop
Niḗu Nyan Chiangari Location Map.png
Capital Chiang Rainui
 - Type Government of Nieu Nyan
 - Governor Saigo Kanatanaka
 - Total 111,100.8 km2 (42,896.25 sq mi)
Highest elevation [1] 3,757 m (12,325 ft)
Lowest elevation 7.9 m (26 ft)
Population (2011) 39,564,583
Population rank 4th
 - Demonym Nyanian
Time zone North Chiangarian Time ([[Wikipedia:UTC|UTC+8:30]])
ISO 3166 code CH-NN

Niḗu Nyan(IPA:niːu niːæn, Chianga:เนียนน้อย No'iyah D'Niǎinya, Nyanai:ᥖᥭᥰᥖᥬᥳᥑᥨᥒᥰ Noi Niǎinya Noi Niǎinya) is a state of Chiangari. It is the northernmost province in Chiangari and has 39 million people. Niḗu Nyan is the second-smallest populated and second-largest area. Niḗu Nyan has a mountainious landscape with mountain surronding the north and east. It borders Isam to the Southeast and Haryana to the South, Myanmar to the northwest, and the Indochinese DR to the northeast.


Niḗu Nyan is the northernmost state in Chiangari. The state is mainly mountain and it lowest elevation is 26 feet.Niḗu Nyan has a main tropical climate on it lowlands(below 6,750 feet) with a highland climate in the mountain above 7,00 feet. It has the freshest water in the country. Mount Thaophra is the highest mountain in the country at 12,325 feet, is located in the CCD of Attock.

CCDs of Niḗu Nyan

Niḗu Nyan has 11 CCDs. The Most populated CCD is , which is CCD City

Map Sr. No. District Headquarters Area (km²) Population (2011) Density (people/km²)
2000px-Nieu Nyan Chiangari location map 2 2.svg
1 Attock 1,274,935
2 Bahawalnagar Nai Bahawalnagar 20,107.0 2,061,447
3 Bahawalpur Rawalpura 4,505.0 2,433,091
4 Thravadda 12,534.0 5,909,870
5 Chiang Rainui 6,596.1 8,318,745
6 Uttarha Uttarha City 1,450,987
7 Phao Liung Chaoyuan 2,781,276
8 Ko Song 1,987,098
9 Thar Tharnish 4,234,569
10 Haonai 9,076,379
11 Shan Phao Shan Grai 11,678.4 6,354,931 544.16
Total Niḗu Nyan Chiang Rainui 111,100.8 39,564,583 356.11

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