Nicholas Warenburg
Assumed office
29 January 2009 - 11 May 2012
Preceded by Incumbent
Successed by Jack Warenburg

Born 5 October 1955
Warszaw, Poland
Deceased 11 May 2012
Caelumcor, Alpaecia
Profession Doctor
Religion None

Nicholas Warenburg was the self proclaimed dictator of People's Republic of Alpaecia.


Nicholas Warenburg was born to Mary Warenburg and Leonard Warenburg in 1955. His parents were German, but he was born in Poland because his father was injured in world war 2 therefore he couldn't go to Germany.
In year 1964 his parents were murdered, but police couldn't find the assassin. Therefore he spend 9 years in children's home.
In year 1977 his son Jack Warenburg was born to his wife Lily, but unfortunately while giving birth to their son Jack Lily died.
In 2009 Nicholas became the president of Alpaecia, but recently he was murdered by his own son, who wished to rule over Alpaecia.

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