Part of the Seven Centuries' War
Date 15 June 621
Location Raxava, Ixara, Ixania
Result Decisive Xani victory
Xona offensive power crippled
End of the war greatly hastened
Flag of Xania Kingdom of Xania Flag of Ixara Kingdom of Xonia
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Xania Iava Xo-Niva Flag of Ixara Coxa Xa-Xijo
14,000 men
2,500 cavalry
45 siege engines
38,600 men
7,700 cavalry
180 siege engines
Casualties and losses
3,861 men
733 cavalry
13 siege engines
11,876 men
2,809 cavalry
56 siege engines
The Ninth Battle of Ravaxa was one of the final major battles of the Seven Centuries' War, and regarded as the primary factor for bringing 700-year old conflict to a swift end. The battle took place outside of the great city of Ravaxa in the Ixara Plains, the sight of many other major battles during the war. The Xona sought to capture the walled city to gain direct access to the Xani heartlands, and bring their old enemy to heel. They were met by a nearly 17,000 man army that was commanded by Iava Xo-Niva, the brother of Ravaxa's commander, Iava Xo-Xova.

Today, many Ixanians have forgotten the battle's importance in bringing the war to an end, as it was immediately superseded and surpassed by the Great Battle of the Ixara Plains in 624 AD, the final battle between the Xona and Xani. Many in Ixania have come to accept the battle as an important aspect of the overall war, as it led to the halting of the Xona's offesive power, and brought both powers to the table, and ultimately resulted in the formation of the Honorable Union of Ixania. Today, an large obsidian obelisk stands where the battle took place, one of many, a memorial to those who died so that Ixania could be united.


The Battle


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