Dr. Nisreen Sharif (b. May 6, 1952, Doubledance) is a Georgeland lawyer, academic and jurist, who is a Justice of the United Islands Supreme Court. She was previously a Justice of the Supreme Court of Long Island from 1993 until 2001, and Professor of Law at the University of Long Island from 2001 to 2006.


Dr. Sharif was born to a Syrian father and a Palestinian mother, both of whom came to Georgeland, separately, after the creation of Israel in 1948. Dr. Sharif was the first Muslim to serve as a Supreme Court justice anywhere in Georgeland.
In September 2006, the government announced Dr. Sharif's name to replace Bill Hope on the United Islands Supreme Court. Her appointment was marked by controversy. After her name was released, a document was leaked in which Sharif, as a student in 1982, expressed support for Hezbollah and criticised Israel. Sharif immediately called her own comments "stupid" and issued a full retraction. Sharif earned praise for her dealing of the issue, refusing to defend herself but describing certain views leading political figures have held in the past which they have since abandoned. The Conservative Party initially opposed Sharif's appointment, but later leader Luke Macaulay gave her his support, which was enough to secure her confirmation by the Georgeland Parliament.
Justice Sharif is the first Muslim to be a Supreme Court Justice, and the first Muslim woman appointed to federal office in the country's history.

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