The No Man's Land Act of 2012 is a federal law proposed by San Andreas Senator Trevor Prince in the Senate of the Allied States. The Act removes any jurisdiction the Allied States has over the internet, with the exception of its own websites as well as persecution of hackers who intentionally vandalize any website or service belonging to an Allied States company or individual. The No Man's Land Act is one of the most controversial laws proposed in the Allied States' history, as it essentially allows copyright infringement and buying and selling of illegal goods, such as weapons.


  • Committee: Technology and Innovation
  • Author: Trevor Prince
  • Law No.: 01 of 2012
  • Title: No Man's Land Act of 2012
Be It Enacted By The Allied States Senate

Whereas governments of present including the executive and legislative branches of the Allied States have repeatedly attacked and made attempts on the freedom and sovereignty of the internet, through bills such as the Stop Online Piracy Act or Protect IP Act, may this law forever grant users of the internet the freedom to pursue whatever they deem fit in virtual space:

Section 1: Disbandment of regulatory agencies

All internet regulatory agencies of the Allied States government will be disbanded with the exception of agencies which ensure the safety and security of the Allied States government's presence on the internet as well as agencies which ensure safety and security of companies against vandalism.

Section 2: Use of the internet

This law will ensure all persons in the Allied States are free to use the internet as they see fit except in the cases mentioned in Section 1 of this act. Acts which may endanger human life may still be monitored by authorities however said authorities may only act physically against the threat, and not via the internet.

Section 3: Lawsuits

Copyright laws will remain intact however private organizations are now to enforce them themselves, rather than a government agency.

  • Lawsuits against copyright law breakers are still allowed within the courts of the Allied States however, the plaintiff may not request said web-service to be removed.
  • Defendants may only be sued once (1) for each respective copyright infringement. Thus, they may keep said material on their web-service, and cannot be persecuted for that material again.

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