Nobu Tsukuda
Official 2015 Portrait of Nobu Tsukuda
President of Japan
Assumed office
Vice President Shinzo Nishiwaki
Preceded by Shichiro Takemura
Leader of the Kaisoku Front
Assumed office
Deputy Yuka Kashino
Preceded by Shichiro Takemura
Minister of Foreign Affairs
In office
President Shichiro Takemura
Preceded by Ayana Kawashima
Succeeded by Yasutaka Yamada
Personal details
Born2nd June 1965
Nagoya, Chūbu Territory
Political partyKaisoku Front
Spouse(s)Kiriko Tsukuda
ChildrenHiro Tsukuda
ResidenceTokyo, Kantō Territory, Japan
ProfessionKyoto University
Nobu Tsukuda (Japanese: 佃延 Tsukuda Nobu, born 2nd June 1965) is a Japanese politician and philosopher who is the current President of Japan and leader of the Executive Office. Tsukuda took office in 2005 following the unexpected death of his predecessor, Shichiro Takemura. Tsukuda is Japan's 5th President for Life, and has been widely renowned as the most successful and popular in both foreign and domestic policy. Tsukuda was born in 1965 and hails from a politically active family, his father being a former Territorial Governor of the Chūbu Territory and his mother formerly leading the Chūbu Women's Council. 

A leading supporter of Kitaism, Japan's state ideology and Japan's 'enlightened dictatorship' form of governance. Tsukuda has been an active member of the Kaisoku Front since 1983 when he joined the party's student wing whilst studying at Kyoto University where he studied a joint Law and Philosophy Degree. Tsukuda later became an advisor to Legislative Office member, Mizuki Fujimori directly after graduating in 1987, he also served as a reservist for the Japanese Self-Defence Forces between 1987 and 2000. Following this, he became Minister of Foreign Affairs under President Takemura's third Cabinet from 2000 until Takemura's sudden death in 2005 when Tsukuda was considered and appointed for Presidency and Kaisoku Front leadership. 

Tsukuda's presidency has been characterised by increasingly souring relations with the United States alongside other East Asian powers, China and Korea. He has been recognised as a 'domestic policy' President focusing more on the well-being of the Japanese people and has presided over reforms to Japan's Healthcare and Education systems. The Japanese economy was greatly affected by the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, however the state takeover of Japan's banking system and nationalisation of failing companies saved Japan's economy from major turmoil. Tsukuda is the most popular President of Japan according to approval ratings as of 2015. Tsukuda's ratings tanked in 2013 following the Yakuza Finance Scandal when it came to light that several Ministers in Tsukuda's cabinet were taking bribes the Yakuza. Tsukuda claimed to have no knowledge of these Ministers' activities, who were quickly ousted from the party and faced serious criminal charges. The 2011 Great Japan Earthquake and Tsunami was a major test to Tsukuda's emergency leadership, with the quick deployment of humanitarian aid and the quarantine of the Fukushima Nuclear Plant in Sendai after its damage by the Tsunami. 

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