Pangam-Pangat Blank Map Noraem Blue
Population approx. 30,000
Demonym Norradic
Countries Noraem Clan
Languages Noraemic
Largest cities Utgraad, Víðarr

Hjemnordre or Noraem is an island in the northern sea, home to that of the Släktträd tribe. Its climate is cold in the north and moderate in the south, its winters are that of the coldest and harsh on Pangam-Pangat due to wind tides from the north.

The Släktträd People

It is unknown when the tribe landed on the Noraem, but the only influence which was brought to the island was the idea of boats, some scholars even go to saying that the tribe is not part of the normal human decent due to they're ability to adapt to Noraem. The Släktträd have one major flaw to its tribe, that being its fast pase motabolism rate causes extreme unability to fully adapt to the winter cold of Noraem and does not allow fat to form on the body easily. The Släktträd are white skinned, blonde and blue eyed, and have have slight more height. Average weight is 148 for a male tribesman, 96 for a female.


Noram Fjord
The Geography of Noraem is extremly jagged and plotted with fjords and mountains in the north which protect the south form its harsh northern winds. Southern Noraem is largely a plain which smaller fjords indent the land.

Noraem is rocked coastanly by earthquakes and deadly active volcanoes which devestate villages of the Släktträd tribe.Hjemnordre contains a bay called Frystahamn which is provided warm waters during summer, while during winter the bay is forzen over and transport is impossible.