—  City  —
Coordinates: Coordinates: 59°58′40″N 08°57′12″E
Country Gŗakke
Province Döŗ Naan
Established 1409
Incorporated 1723
Population (2014)
 - Total 87,152
 - Demonym Norrstårge
Time zone Western European Time (UTC+00:00)
ZIP Code GK-701
Calling codes 28—701

Norrstår (/ˈnɒrstɑːr/; literally meaning "the star of the north") is a city, municipality and the county capital of the county of Döŗ Naan in southern Gŗakke. The city lies on the river Määde.



Norrstår borders with the town of Minas to the west and the municipalities of Įöra to the north, Makad to the east and Sigadrakk to the south.


Places of interest

Notable residents

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