Federal State of Norsel
Bundesstaat der Norsel
  • Hail Norsel
  • For the State
  • For the Federation (exclusively militar)
  • Anthem: '
    Largest City
    New Völva
    Official Language(s): English
    National Language(s): German
    Regional Language(s): Germanic dialects
    Demonym: Norsen
    Ethnic Groups:
  • German descendants
  • Northern ethnic groups
  • Government
  • Führer/Generalissimo (military)
  • President (political):
  • Federal Republic
  • Führer Krieger
  • President Wolf
  • Population
     - Total Population:

    c. 15,000,000
    Currency: Norsen Macht

    The Norsel Federation is the mightiest of the 7 recognized lunar nations, as well as one of the main nations in the Solar System.

    Norsel is a highly militarized nation, and it's political structures are concentrated in the three dome-cities of Asgard, Nova Berlin and Klinge, while the greater population, as well as most military structures, are located in the several subterranean settlements of the nation.


    The dome-cities mark the three military divisions of Norsel, each with a general, while the 27 political divisions are divided in underground sectors, that are each ruled by a sheriff. Each sheriff is entrusted with a military police unit - armed with 2nd generation NF-Gareth kamuy specialized for urban combat, as well as heavy infantry weapons - as well as their own council.


    Commanded by the Führer, the military of the Norsel Federation shapes it's country's culture and education. Due to the nation's military oriented education, the military academies quickly replaced the schools of many cities, and the kamuy industry became nearly absolute on the economics of Norsel. The standard unit of the Norsel Federation's militarized mecha is the 2nd generation NF-Gareth, which specs surpass the 1st generation NF-Lamorak but don't compare to the nation's leading units, NF-Bradamante and NF-Odin (the later developed after the former leading unit, NF-Heimdall). The main pilots of the nation are Lieutenant Cherry Blossom and Colonel Alexander. Personnel riflemen troops are rarely used in the battlefield, as most of the troops utilize armed vehicles such as Tiger Tanks and Bee Choppers. Many types of robotic units are used for confronts whenever the kamuy are not available, and the militarized police of Norsel uses modified NF-Gareth units known as "Peacekeepers."

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