The North African Freedom Organisation (abbrevated to NAFO) is an international organisation formed on the 1st of August 2012 by the North African nations, with assistance by the international organisation Vanev. All African nations not claimed by the Hurian Federation at the time joined the NAFO.

The NAFO was created in response to Huria's sudden war of expansion in late July 2012, and the Vanev-Hurian Conflict.

The NAFO's objective is to protect its member nations, should the Hurian Federation decide to attack northern Africa as well. There are plans to create a defence perimeter at the border with Hurian claimed nations, similar to the Defiance Defense Perimeter and the Two Kilo Buffer.

As of the 1st of August, over 1 million soldiers, many also belonging to national armies, have already been unofficially drafted into the NAFO military.

As of the 1st of August, the NAFO's headquarters are in Djibouti City in Djibouti, the only NAFO member which is also a full Vanev member. There are three associate Vanev members in the NAFO: Benin, Cape Verde and Chad (an "emergency Vanev member").

The organisation remains intact after the fall of Huria, as an opponent to the Stratocratic Coalition and the East African Alliance. It has good relations with Vanev and the Six Republics.


* States militarily threatened by Huria with regards to the Stratocratic Coalition.

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